A little introduction; I currently work at Berry Gardens as a Management trainee on their graduate scheme. I am in my second rotation, my first 6 months spent in procurement, now I am in sales and will move to Marketing in October. Previous to this I studied Food and Consumer Studies at Harper Adams University. It was an amazing experience and one I have learnt lots from and wouldn’t change for the world!

In September 2016 I decided that I needed a way to make new and different recipes to expand my knowledge and baking skills. This is where #Willeysweeklybake started. Each week I bake and share my images of my bake using the hashtag. I now have some avid followers that look forward to seeing what the coming weeks bake is.

After carrying this out for 9 months I decided I wanted to take it one step further and share my recipes, hints and tips I discovered during #Willeysweeklybake on a blog. Each week there will be a new recipe up corresponding with this weeks bake, I hope over a period of time I can back track and upload all of the recipes from past weekly bakes. I am yet to do this but it is still on my never ending to do list!

Some of the bakes may not be the most pretty or well presented but carrying this out along side studying has been challenging as time has sometimes been limited and I am still learning. I love the way my bakes have changed and improved over time. I hope to continue #Willeysweeklybake for a long time. If you want to see more of my baking I sometimes share more images over on my Instgram of #NotaWilleysweeklybake of any other bakes that I do. I sometimes share my step by step process on my stories as well – who knows maybe one day this will have moved to a youtube channel!

Doing Willey’s weekly bake and a full time job has had its challenges but I’ve managed to get into the swing of things over the last 9 months as during the Winter I have weekends free but normally from April to October lots of my weekends are spent at race tracks. So one bonus of Covid for me has enabled me to spend more time baking – although getting hold of flour has been a bit of a guessing game but it seems to have sorted itself out. Although this will have to change soon and I will he back to fitting it in during evenings after work. Covid 19 has also allowed me to re-kindle my love for baking Sourdough! Which I now make a loaf at least once a week.

Enjoy baking and following my recipes.  I’d love to hear if any of you try my recipes, please let me know!

Thanks Hannah x